How Microblading Improves Your Eyebrows

Achieving the perfect set of eyebrows is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, among the many skills that must be acquired, perfect brow plucking is sometimes sidelined for more practical skills. So, does this mean that those with imperfect brows handed to them by their genetics have to just accept this?

Not at all, modern science and cosmetic have produced a solution to the issue of brows not being the way we want. Microblading does it all, it shapes the brows exactly as you want them and can even provide a fuller look if brow hairs are scant.

The magic is all illusion, but a damned good one; it would be quite impossible to tell the difference from any distance, even up close. The secret is this, microblading is a type of tattoo that is applied with brush strokes for a truly realistic appearance even proper shading. This can provide you with the perfect shaped eyebrows for your face shape.

Not Actually Permanent Tattoos?

One important thing to understand is the semi-permanence of this procedure. Although They are often advertised as tattoos the microblading procedure produces a semi-permanent effect that may last as long as 3 years but typically last up to a year and a half.

They are advertised as tattoos because that’s what they are. The microblading specialist will use a small bladed tools that are comprised of many tiny needles as a brush with which to “paint” the brows into the skin. This is a precision procedure and the true masters can achieve some stunning effects with their stylus.

Unfortunately, the inks will not last as long in the skin as a regular tattoo would. This is because the tool used only penetrates to a certain depth and not deep in enough for the inks to take full hold. In a way, this is a good thing. Many people have been using full tattoo eyebrows for some time now and if one has second thoughts, it will take a serious procedure to rid the results.

With microblading, you can simply remove the brows with a dermabrasion kit, sunlight or any other acid-based skin agent at your local drug store. There are laser removal procedures that are highly effective at removing the microblade brows. This might be necessary in the highly rare event that the microblade brows are not to your liking and show no signs of fading out.

Find Yourself a Master Microblade Specialist

Even though a potent exfoliate will effectively remove an unwanted microblading job, this can also be successfully avoided by choosing a professional with specially recommended microblading skills. It takes a fairly small seminar to become a licensed microblade specialist but not all microblader specialists are cut from the same cloth.
Take the time to research the work of your microblade and preferably work from a recommendation from someone you know. This will allow you to get a firsthand example of the estheticians prowess with their tool.

Another sign of a good microblade is one that has extensive experience in proper brow shaping and matching the best brows to the shape of the face, the color of the hair, tones of the skin and the list goes on. You will find the truly greats have an extensive portfolio of their work which they will be happy to show you.

Your brows should look perfectly natural and not too dark or thick. That crazy tattoo look is indicative of a rookie microblade specialist. Make sure you do plenty of research and feel fully comfortable with the expertise of your specialist before you settle on the price.

Extra Care Is Needed for Your Microblade Brows

Another important point that will greatly enhance your final product will be the care you provide during the first crucial week. The less you play around with them the better, even though there may be a small amount of discomfort.

You will want to keep them plenty dry for the first week even when bathing and this will mean be extra careful in the shower or bath. Even something as small as sweat can alter the delicate hues so you may even choose to skip the gym till the healing process is complete. Your microblade may make some recommendations on how to preserve your microblade brows as long as possible.

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